The real things make the Royal taste

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Royal Foods

The manufacturing division.
20000 sqft hitech facility for the production and packing of all the snacks, sweets, namkeen

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Royal Sweets

Retail store chain
50+ stores including franchisees retailing sweets, bakery and cake products

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Royal Food Court

Retail store chain
Combination of Restaurant and Bakery. 5 food courts available now catering to our delighted

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Royal Foods&Beverages

Sales and Supply agency
Supply chain department of Royal.

Royal Foods

  • 98% of the products we sell through our stores, We Make It
  • In our Production Unit, we use only Double Refined Coconut Oil
  • All raw materials used are only Branded and the Best in the Market


Royal Group is the leading name in the food manufacturing and servicing industry. Royal group is spread all over Ernakulam District and parts of Idukki District too..

We are a One Stop Ready Food SuperMarket. You can purchase Sweets, Snacks, Bread, Savouries, Halwa, Pudding, Cake, Namkeen, Biriyani, Malabar, Chinese, Continental etc etc Food from our store.

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  • Royal Group is a humble venture that has a simple motto --- "CUSTOMERS FIRST"
  • We believe Quality and Quantity matters. Utmost concern and effort is put to improve the Quality of the products we serve. It is made sure each and everytime that the Customer gets the right Quantity for their purchase...
  • Thank you for trusting Royal Group...
  • We undertake all kinds of Party orders...